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Portraits Drawn Using Blue Ballpoint Pens By Enam Bosokah. Fantastic!


Portraits Drawn Using Blue Ballpoint Pens By Enam Bosokah. Fantastic!

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Muhammad Umair
October 5, 2015

Ghana based artist Enam Bosokah focuses mainly on Drawings, Illustrations and Photography. Here you will see some awesome drawings made by artist using ballpoint pens, these drawings seems photo realistic and very fascinating. According to artist, each of these portraits takes more or less three and eight days to complete, depending on the resolution and other aspects of the reference image. Enam Bosokah sees the face of each subject as a “window” through which he’s “able to capture the full being of a person.” Artist pays significant attention at every highlight, subtle shadow, and texture of his object and it’s awe-inspiring what one can do with an everyday office tool!

More Info : Facebook | Behance | instagram

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Art Art1 Art2

Just Lovely!

Art3 Art4 Art5 Art6 Art7


Art8 Art9

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