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Monochromatic Hyper Realistic Drawings By Johanna AKA Jackdevilart.


Monochromatic Hyper Realistic Drawings By Johanna AKA Jackdevilart.

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Muhammad Umair
September 30, 2015

Austrian Artist Johanna, and a Student from Switzerland also known as Jackdevilart creates monochromatic drawings with a pencil or a felt-tip pen. Artist uses different kind of technique in her artwork such as shading of black and gray and many different types of strokes. The fastidiousness and amazing attention to detail that she give to her drawings, makes her artwork hyper-realistic as you will see in this post.

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monochromedraw1-900x901 monochromedraw2-900x902 monochromedraw3-900x867 monochromedraw4-900x870

Outstanding work!

monochromedraw5-900x871 monochromedraw7-900x869 monochromedraw8-900x873 monochromedraw9-900x870 monochromedraw10-900x870

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