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23 Stylish And Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas Especially For The Christmas 2014.


23 Stylish And Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas Especially For The Christmas 2014.

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Albert Ansel
December 8, 2014

Here are some cute and easy DIY home decor ideas for Christmas 2014. I am sure you are in touch with our Christmas 2014 decoration sections, which is sharing amazing ideas and content about home decorations for Christmas. There easy DIY home decor ideas will help you in your Christmas decoration and will save you lots of money as well. Christmas is all about sharing, caring, love, decoration and celebrations. Please have a look at these beautiful DIY decoration ideas for your inspiration.

1. Candle Pillars Made from Cinnamon Sticks.enhanced-buzz-14884-1354043372-7Source :

2. Pine Cones on Wire.enhanced-buzz-20037-1354049838-3Source :

3. Cozy Sweater Sleeves Reused to Cover Vases.enhanced-buzz-30374-1354550934-4Source :

4. Glass Vases Filled With Salt.Glass Vases Filled With SaltSource :

5. Paper Snowflakes.Paper SnowflakesSource :

6. Faceted Paper Vase.Faceted Paper VaseSource :

7. Earthy Starburst Twig Wreath.Earthy Starburst Twig WreathSource :

8. Star Ornaments.Star OrnamentsSource :

8. Modern Paper Porcupine Ornament.Modern Paper Porcupine OrnamentSource :

9. Rosemary Trees.Rosemary TreesSource :

10. Iced Branches.Iced BranchesSource :

11. Perforated Christmas Tree Cones.Perforated Christmas Tree ConesSource :

12. White Triangle Ornaments for Your House Plants.White Triangle Ornaments for Your House PlantsSource :

13. Geometric Paper Ornaments.Geometric Paper OrnamentsSource :

14. Tree Branch Hung from the Ceiling.Tree Branch Hung from the CeilingSource :

15. Triangle-Motif Doormat.Triangle-Motif DoormatSource :

16. Fluffy Pom-Pom Ornaments.Fluffy Pom-Pom OrnamentsSource :

17. Pyramid Ornaments.Pyramid OrnamentsSource :

18. Glitter Votives.Glitter VotivesSource :

19. Faux Mercury Glass Cases.Faux Mercury Glass CasesSource :

20. Black and White Geometric Ornaments.Black and White Geometric OrnamentsSource :

21. A Bowl of Clove Oranges.A Bowl of Clove OrangesSource :

22. Wine Glasses as Votive Holders.Wine Glasses as Votive HoldersSource :

23. Ombre Dinner Napkins.Ombre Dinner NapkinsSource :

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