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22 Fantastic DIY Jewelry Tutorials That You’ll Love To Create And Wear.


22 Fantastic DIY Jewelry Tutorials That You’ll Love To Create And Wear.

Jonny James
October 13, 2014

We have shared many DIY ideas with you already and you can check our DIY section from the menu above and I think since last few days we keep sharing DIY ideas for jewelry like DIY bracelets and DIY necklaces, well here comes the jewelry again for all stunning girls out there. Well making jewelry by yourself has really stepped up its game so we thought it would be interesting to collect some outstanding DIY jewelry ideas of Necklace, Bracelet, Earring, and Ring tutorials with you and these can be a perfect thing for gifts and wearing as well. Thanks to all creative crafty people that help us to learn how to make these kind of jewelry we see in the market. Hope you will enjoy the list and will try at least one of these for yourself and I am sure these will save you some money and time. Have fun and look gorgeous!

1. The Tiny Tassel Bracelet.enhanced-buzz-19084-1349116669-4Source :

2. Painted Bobby Pin Earrings.enhanced-buzz-20466-1349112418-16Source :

3. Make Your Own Trendy Necklace.ed4d17862ce6cf783a8277be718ce627Source :

4. DIY Rope Bracelets.088cfaf2c8503971cd4fc6ab8b9c6692Source :

5. The Leather Collar Necklace.enhanced-buzz-5737-1349104958-1Source :

6. The Fork Ring.enhanced-buzz-7761-1349105393-6Source :

7. Repurposed Jewelry -Bracelet.6d36849fa7c205bb9c105b167f021e73Source :

8. The Beaded Fringe Necklace.enhanced-buzz-21004-1349106824-5Source :

9. The Washer Necklace.enhanced-buzz-9040-1349107714-2Source :

10. Glitter Rings.enhanced-buzz-28753-1349111798-4Source :

11. Macrame Bracelets.97664358e5ea565ce71992eab7aadac6Source :

12. The Wire Motif Pendant.enhanced-buzz-1699-1349103456-9Source :

13. The Ponytail Cuff.enhanced-buzz-15959-1349113893-0Source :

14. Spraypainted Rhinestone Necklace.enhanced-buzz-20281-1349275482-1Source :

15. The Metallic Hardware Necklace.enhanced-buzz-25216-1349122410-7Source :

16. Tassel Earrings.enhanced-buzz-2752-1349119514-4Source :

17. The Gold Lace Slave Bracelet.enhanced-buzz-32332-1349118627-13Source :

18. DIY Silver Bugle Geometric Necklace.enhanced-buzz-654-1349275210-19Source :

19. Fringe Earrings.enhanced-buzz-8223-1349122276-9Source :

20. The Geometric Shrinky-Dink Necklace.enhanced-buzz-29178-1349112001-13Source :

21. DIY Rose Wire Pendant.391edfce76394444cae0756758a2901cSource :

22. DIY Etched Glass Tile Pendant.73b96f5fd152426dc01aca606456772dSource :

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