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18 Elegant DIY Paper Lanterns and DIY Lamps


18 Elegant DIY Paper Lanterns and DIY Lamps

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Jonny James
October 19, 2014

Hope you have checked our DIY section already and why not check our most famous previous post regarding DIY Lamps 15 Most Awesome Lamps And Chandeliers Designs. A Must See!

DIY projects are becoming famous and most wanted now a days, people are loving to create something using their old stuff. DIY projects are saving us lots of money and time. DIY is the best work to recycle or reuse your old or even damaged items. DIY projects are giving a new life to our useless crap found in our home store room. Well I can write lots about this DIY thing and guys you better give it a try and these DIY ideas are totally worth trying. Well here is the list if you wanted to create a Lantern or Lamp with your useless used stuff. Just on the weekend or on a holiday, choose a project from the list below and find the right thing to be used and create these enchanting and beautiful DIY lamps or lanterns at your home. Please take a look at these 18 elegant DIY paper lanterns and DIY lamps. I am sure that these DIY lamps will increase the beauty of your home with no additional cost.

1. Flower and Pom Pom Lanterns.


Source : craftynest


2. Cool Newspaper Tube Lamp .



Source : marrietta


3. Chinese New Year Lanterns.



Source : craft craft


4. A Stunning Embellished Paper Lantern.



Source : glue arts


5. Wax Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier.



Source : design sponge


6. Bold and Bright Tissue Paper Discs Lanterns.



Source : serendipity creative


7. Paper Cup and LED String Lamp.



Source : aditi odyssey


8. Stunning Paper Cut Lamps.



Source : enderbynest


9. Jazzy Rainbow Lamp.



Source : metunda universe


10. DIY lamp.



Source :


11. Super Fun Bunting Wrapped Lantern.


Source : project nursery


12. Creative Jellyfish Lamp.



Source : i need a craft room


13. Cute Cupcake Liner Lantern.



Source : hgtv


14. Easy Glitter Disco Ball Lantern.



Source : oh happy day


15. Owl-dorable Paper Lantern.



Source : meet the dubiens


16. Colorific Tissue Paper Flower Lanterns.



Source : hip 2 thrift


17. Chic Paper Cut Table Lamps.



Source : designsponge


18. Enchanted Coffee Filter Snowball Light.



Source : crafty nest

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