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16 Hilarious And Funniest Drunk Text Fails Ever. Especially Number 15 LOL!


16 Hilarious And Funniest Drunk Text Fails Ever. Especially Number 15 LOL!

Jonny James
August 29, 2014

Its fun time on our website now, and I am sure you guys are ready to laugh aren’t you? So here are some hilarious text from persons who are drunk and text messaging to their friends or relatives. These funny texts are sent from the people who went a bit too far with drink and these texts are a hilarious proof. Please check the text messages below and I am sure you won’t be able to control your laugh after reading them.

1.drunk-text-fails-14Source :

2. drunk-text-fails-9Source :

3.drunk-text-fails-16Source :

4.drunk-text-fails-18Source :

5.drunk-text-fails-12Source :

6.drunk-text-fails-5Source :

7.drunk-text-fails-8Source :

8.drunk-text-fails-15Source :

9.drunk-text-fails-19Source :

10.drunk-text-fails-17Source :

11.drunk-text-fails-1Source :

12.drunk-text-fails-20Source :

13.drunk-text-fails-2Source :

14.drunk-text-fails-13Source :

15.drunk-text-fails-7Source :

16.drunk-text-fails-11Source :

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