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These Amazing and Colorful Graffiti Are Done On Shipping Containers

Jonny James
July 11, 2014

Pichi & Avo are now in Belgium, where they were invited to paint for the North West Walls Street Art Festival in Werchter. Artists always produce a spectacular explosion of fresh colors and impressions. Internationally renowned artist Arne Quinze has designed an architectural structure of transportation containers to provide a canvas for street artists.

According to the Quinze, When they work together they create breathtaking figurative detail and quality. Their work is very striking and always commands the spectators full attention. It is for good reason that they are among the very best in the world.

PichiAvo NWWbPichiAvo NWW2bPichiAvo NWWb2DSC_6113DSC_6472DSC_6234DSC_6137

More Info : Facebook | PichiAvo

These Amazing and Colorful Graffiti Are Done On Shipping Containers
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Portraits Drawn Using Blue Ballpoint Pens By Enam Bosokah. Fantastic!

Muhammad Umair
October 5, 2015

Ghana based artist Enam Bosokah focuses mainly on Drawings, Illustrations and Photography. Here you will see some awesome drawings made by artist using ballpoint pens, these drawings seems photo realistic and very fascinating. According to artist, each of these portraits takes more or less three and eight days to complete, depending on the resolution and other aspects of the reference image. Enam Bosokah sees the face of each subject as a “window” through which he’s “able to capture the full being of a person.” Artist pays significant attention at every highlight, subtle shadow, and texture of his object and its awe-inspiring what one can do with an everyday office tool!

More Info : Facebook | Behance | instagram

12047131_970466806358969_2001973416016553064_n 12096138_970466773025639_1039648193149671221_n 12109034_970466776358972_4197349289380475750_n


Art Art1 Art2

Just Lovely!

Art3 Art4 Art5 Art6 Art7


Art8 Art9

Latest And Cute Chalk Drawing Adventures Of Sluggo By David Zinn

Jonny James
July 7, 2014

Local artist David Zinn Creates amazing Chalk drawings, in his latest work you will see famous cartoon character Sluggo around the streets, which has been playing around and getting attention of the people, artist have drawn different kind of the pictures like peeking out of wall cracks, riding snow waves, and putting smiles on passers-by ever since he first appeared in 2008.

David Zinn has been creating original artwork in and around Ann Arbor since 1987, David is a self-taught artist with a degree in Creative Writing and English Language from the Residential College of the University of Michigan. David is also an avid whistler, a haphazard ukulele player, and a dutiful shirker.

sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-1sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-2sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-3sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-4sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-5sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-6sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-7sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-8sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-10sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-15sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-16sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-18sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-19sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-22sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-23sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-37sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-29sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-34sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-32sluggo-chalk-drawings-street-art-david-zinn-33More Info : zinnart.com | Facebook

13 Extraordinary Gorgeous House Decorations For Christmas.

Albert Ansel
November 22, 2015

Christmas 2015 is just about to come, and we need lots of decoration ideas for our home isn’t it? So, just for your help please have a look at these house decorations for Christmas. These gorgeous houses are brilliantly decorated with lots of colorful lighting. Please have some inspiration and courage with these ideas and I am sure your home will look more better than these. Share these house decorations for Christmas with your friend and family.

1. That’s a lot of lights! Plus, an inexplicable monkey flying a vintage plane.too-much-christmas-cheer

2. Check out Sponge-Bob on the roof.too-many-snowmen

3. The trees actually look awesome, but that’s an ungodly amount of lawn decorations.so-many-christmas-lights

4. The roof on this one is super cute, but again with the lawn decorations. Why?roof-xmas-lights
ComFree Living

5. Apartment Therapy estimated the cost of running the 1,000,000 lights on this house at $686 per hour!
Apartment Therapy

6. We’re pretty sure this home alone could light up the whole street.ott-christmas-lights
Die Hipster

7. Argh! My eyes!

8. Now, this one’s just creepy.

9. Some of these lawn decorations look like they bear us ill will.christmas-light-faces
Home Improvement Guide

10. When you’ve got a whole train, a choir of angels, a polar bear and an army of toy soldiers on your lawn, you know you’ve gone too far.
Crazy Frankenstein

11. Imagine trawling those strings of lights to find that one bulb that won’t work.candy-cane-lights
Digs Digs

12. Santa stops here. Well, he couldn’t exactly miss it.bright-color-xmas-lights

13. Just wow.
Ugly Christmas Lights

You have better ideas for House Decorations for Christmas Day? Please do share with our readers!

Monochromatic Hyper Realistic Drawings By Johanna AKA Jackdevilart.

Muhammad Umair
September 30, 2015

Austrian Artist Johanna, and a Student from Switzerland also known as Jackdevilart creates monochromatic drawings with a pencil or a felt-tip pen. Artist uses different kind of technique in her artwork such as shading of black and gray and many different types of strokes. The fastidiousness and amazing attention to detail that she give to her drawings, makes her artwork hyper-realistic as you will see in this post.

More Info : Facebook | Instagram

monochromedraw1-900x901 monochromedraw2-900x902 monochromedraw3-900x867 monochromedraw4-900x870

Outstanding work!

monochromedraw5-900x871 monochromedraw7-900x869 monochromedraw8-900x873 monochromedraw9-900x870 monochromedraw10-900x870

Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Flowers And Get Unbelievable Results. Stunning Arent They?

Jonny James
December 14, 2015

Christmas 2015 will be here soon and it is the time we must think about decorations specially the Christmas tree decorations. Now here in this beautiful post you will see the stunning decorations of Christmas tree with flowers and the results are outstanding. Please check below and give it a try to impress your guest. And guys please do share these beautiful ideas with your friends and family!

1. Floral Christmas Tree.
Floral Christmas Tree1

2. Floral Christmas Tree.

3. Floral Christmas Tree.

4. Floral Christmas Tree.

5. Floral Christmas Tree.

6. Floral Christmas Tree.

7. Floral Christmas Tree.

8. Floral Christmas Tree.

9. Floral Christmas Tree.

10. Floral Christmas Tree.

So how you feel about these outstanding decorations for Christmas tree with flowers?

Beautiful Pen Illustrations By Davit Yukhanyan, Need A Closer Look!

Colors And Joy
December 1, 2015

Davit Yukhanyan, is an architect and illustrator. He born in 1988 and based in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated from Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction in 2011 and now he is working as an architect. Davit always try to find time to take the pen and to start to draw as you will see in this beautiful post.
Davit Yukhanyan says, “Just as everything in our world consists of different pieces, my drawing also consists of different pieces in the form of small illustrations that come together into one overall creation. I draw the artwork with this concept in mind. My first artwork is called And When You Lose Control and the second is called Isolated Winner. I used technical pen and paper.”

Davit Yukhanyan Davit2 Davit3 Davit4

It has a lot inside!

Davit5 Davit6 Davit7 Davit8



Thanks to Davit Yukhanyan, and he can be contacted on Behance | Etsy | Instagram

More Amazing DIY Ideas For Christmas 2014. A Must Try For You!

Jonny James
December 9, 2014

Decorate your home with these amazing DIY ideas for Christmas 2014, these ideas are very simple and easy for this unique holiday to add some more attraction to your home decoration. Nows the time to let your creative instincts shine through as you watch your mantels, stairwells, and tables come to holiday life. Check out the 16 festive and cute DIY Christmas decoration ideas!

1. Christmas Trees.Christmas TreesSource : blueistyle.blogspot.com

2. Green String Christmas Tree.Green String Christmas TreeSource : domesticallyblissful.com

3. Christmas Wall Art.Christmas Wall ArtSource : dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.ca

4. Glitter and Lace Christmas Village.Glitter and Lace Christmas VillageSource : madincrafts.com

5. Scandinavian-Inspired DIY Plywood Tree.Scandinavian-Inspired DIY Plywood TreeSource : dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.ca

6. Oversized berry and holly garland.Oversized berry and holly garlandSource : thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

7. Window Baubles.Window BaublesSource : dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.ca

8. Frozen Olaf Snow Globe.Frozen Olaf Snow GlobeSource : apumpkinandaprincess.com

9. Christmas centerpiece.Christmas centerpieceSource : confessionsofafoodaholic017.blogspot.co.uk

10. Quick and Easy Snowflake Luminarias.Quick and Easy Snowflake LuminariasSource : sweetcsdesigns.com

11. Book tree.Book treeSource : nur-noch.blogspot.de

12. Metallic Trees Snow Globe Apothecary Jars.Metallic Trees Snow Globe Apothecary JarsSource : girllovesglam.com

13. Doily String Lights.Doily String LightsSource : cogsandcupcakes.com

14. Snowball Wreath.Snowball WreathSource : daisymaebelle.com

15. Wine Glass DIY Snow Globe Craft.Wine Glass DIY Snow Globe CraftSource : craftsunleashed.com

16. Quilled Christmas Decorations.Quilled Christmas DecorationsSource : erynwithay.typepad.com

24 Fashionable And Stylish DIY Bracelets With Complete Picture Based Tutorial

Albert Ansel
October 9, 2014

Hello Ladies! We know you always love to wear something in your hand which is very stylish and attractive, and that is why we have collected 24 fashionable and stylish DIY bracelets which are easy to be made and you would love to wear. After seeing this post you will double think to spend your money on purchasing bracelets, this post contains simple tips for you to create these in your home, so just follow the steps as given in pictures and create your own choice of bracelet. These bracelets can be used for gift purpose as well, so it will save you money as well. Easy to make, adorable to wear!

1. 0c962c1f59fcb58976bd03a8a43b22ffSource : usefuldiy.com

2. 059b49d7a16a2a2200da7b30f02aeeb3Source : pinspire.es

3. 61d4bad7db4ad7b3a76b9a33865691beSource : nbeads.com

4. 2c57eed95219fab1c8fa3b70b9b8f4dcSource : nbeads.com

5. cc539dd76fa0ada25c905cfa7a2eb99fSource : buzzfeed.com

6. 31fd7d5a6e47d89bf3028325123ed2c7Source : juliapetit.com.br

7. 852064be098dafe35c2d191252e4ff96Source : fabdiy.com

8. 956e7ee8926da50b2f4e8a96479fce24Source : makeitandfakeit.com

9. c3cc5dcd5debbf3cc8b31097f7d8fb2eSource : ispydiy.com

10. 320ed2884db31bcba89b39a6783bb1a5Source : campaign.r20.constantcontact.com

11. 1b46e4789b8e8e7f950f515f502f978aSource : crafting.squidoo.com

12. 02de1ad1e58f62f1a1db9114bf827f55Source : etsy.com

13. 69459df04b225b314c38585cbeabe0c2Source : heodeza.blogspot.com

14. 0948591e85414c2696a846cba6c0277eSource : heodeza.blogspot.com

15. f47f2caa6b3372aa37fcc73cc78eaaebSource : sweet-verbena.blogspot.com

16. 0473d0d19c172ed0947adf1129b8c91cSource : Pinterest

17. a8ff3f5dc1dfef13012cb48508122685Source : buzzfeed.com

18. 655a91c6ded362eeef3233a97793ce12Source : yesmissy.com

19. d6f853a9cfcbc367d6433c0d0c921139Source : dailywt.com

20. f1e4af95c3d9ff2349d3f5030934d99aSource : followpics.co

21. f8813b516b17ec885ae7e00f973b3296Source : lovethispic.com

22. 7c0e13bf7723a2d42e76aff5602eaa46Source : indulgy.com

23. 0d9f067fcfb32539172129b64c7a116eSource : dumpaday.com

24. 3435ac85cde616f60b2f2b1cbda74c51Source : vimeo.com

23 Stylish And Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas Especially For The Christmas 2014.

Albert Ansel
December 8, 2014

Here are some cute and easy DIY home decor ideas for Christmas 2014. I am sure you are in touch with our Christmas 2014 decoration sections, which is sharing amazing ideas and content about home decorations for Christmas. There easy DIY home decor ideas will help you in your Christmas decoration and will save you lots of money as well. Christmas is all about sharing, caring, love, decoration and celebrations. Please have a look at these beautiful DIY decoration ideas for your inspiration.

1. Candle Pillars Made from Cinnamon Sticks.enhanced-buzz-14884-1354043372-7Source : wohnidee.wunderweib.de

2. Pine Cones on Wire.enhanced-buzz-20037-1354049838-3Source : draumesider.blogspot.com

3. Cozy Sweater Sleeves Reused to Cover Vases.enhanced-buzz-30374-1354550934-4Source : bhg.com

4. Glass Vases Filled With Salt.Glass Vases Filled With SaltSource : sugartotdesigns.blogspot.com

5. Paper Snowflakes.Paper SnowflakesSource : studioviolet.blogspot.com

6. Faceted Paper Vase.Faceted Paper VaseSource : ohhappyday.com

7. Earthy Starburst Twig Wreath.Earthy Starburst Twig WreathSource : thepaintedhive.net

8. Star Ornaments.Star OrnamentsSource : nibsblog.wordpress.com

8. Modern Paper Porcupine Ornament.Modern Paper Porcupine OrnamentSource : howaboutorange.blogspot.com.ar

9. Rosemary Trees.Rosemary TreesSource : pinterest.com

10. Iced Branches.Iced BranchesSource : makethemwonderblog.blogspot.com

11. Perforated Christmas Tree Cones.Perforated Christmas Tree ConesSource : curbly.com

12. White Triangle Ornaments for Your House Plants.White Triangle Ornaments for Your House PlantsSource : digsdigs.com

13. Geometric Paper Ornaments.Geometric Paper OrnamentsSource : annaleenashem.blogspot.se

14. Tree Branch Hung from the Ceiling.Tree Branch Hung from the CeilingSource : wordpress.com

15. Triangle-Motif Doormat.Triangle-Motif DoormatSource : abeautifulmess.com

16. Fluffy Pom-Pom Ornaments.Fluffy Pom-Pom OrnamentsSource : librariantellsall.com

17. Pyramid Ornaments.Pyramid OrnamentsSource : alovelylark.com

18. Glitter Votives.Glitter VotivesSource : 100layercake.com

19. Faux Mercury Glass Cases.Faux Mercury Glass CasesSource : thepapermama.com

20. Black and White Geometric Ornaments.Black and White Geometric OrnamentsSource : minieco.co.uk

21. A Bowl of Clove Oranges.A Bowl of Clove OrangesSource : thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

22. Wine Glasses as Votive Holders.Wine Glasses as Votive HoldersSource : interiordesigningblog.com

23. Ombre Dinner Napkins.Ombre Dinner NapkinsSource : confettipop.com